LEVIATHAN by Tim Curran 99 cents, plus DARK TOWER graphic novel $3.99 @ Amazon!

Leviathan, a novella by Tim Curran, is only 99 cents for the next few days at Amazon (and scroll down for an extra deal on a graphic novel based on Stephen King’s Dark Tower series)!

There’s something wrong on Seagull Island. When the atmospheric conditions are right, a doorway opens to a primeval world of monsters. Johnny Horowitz, a much despised member of the paparazzi, has gotten a glimpse of something from prehistory and he isn’t going to stop until he gets a photo of it. With Hurricane Amelia bearing down on the island, the doorway to the prehistoric sea is about to be thrown wide and Johnny plans on being there when it opens with camera in hand, regardless of the consequences.


And a Bonus Deal (lasts only through tomorrow!) on a 240-page  graphic novel set in Stephen King’s Dark Tower universe!  $3.99 at Amazon.com (normally $14.99!)

Collects Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born (2007) #1-7. In a comic book personally overseen by King himself, Roland’s past is revealed! Sumptuously drawn by Jae Lee and Richard Isanove, adapted by long-time Stephen King expert Robin Furth (author of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower: A Concordance) and scripted by New York Times Bestseller Peter David, this series delves in depth into Roland’s origins – the perfect introduction to this incredibly realized world; while long-time fans will thrill to adventures merely hinted at in the novels. Be there for the very beginning of a modern classic of fantasy literature!

Dark Tower

Visit Amazon.com to learn more about Tim Curran’s giant-monster novella, or The Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born comic collection!


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