INTO THE FIRE by Richard Laymon, discounted to $1.99!

Into the Fire, normally $3.99, is currently discounted to $1.99 @!

Pretty, young Pamela was a very happy newlywed, with a loving husband and a beautiful home. But all that changed the night Rodney broke in. He’s been obsessed with Pamela since high school and now he intends to make her his slave for life. They’ll be alone when he drives her out to the blazing desert. But someone else is out there too…someone with a gun.

Pamela hoped her nightmare was over when Rodney was shot, but something about her rescuer isn’t quite right. Maybe it’s the way he dropped Rodney’s body in a pit—like he’d done it before. Maybe it’s the bus he’s driving, with only mannequins for passengers. One thing is certain, she won’t be prepared for what she’ll find when he drives her to a tiny, isolated town baking in the desert sun—a town with very odd customs and a unique way of welcoming strangers.

Into the Fire

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