THE END IN ALL BEGINNINGS by John F. D. Taff, only 99 cents!

THE END IN ALL BEGINNINGS, a collection of *five* horror novellas, is discounted to 99 cents at Amazon for a Limited Time!


“What Becomes God” begins as a nostalgic trip into childhood, as two young boys whose days spent playing in the sun are interrupted by the looming specter of disease and death.

“Object Permanence” unleashes a psychological nightmare when a man held in a mental institution and experiencing horrific hallucinations escapes to confront the source of evil that has plagued him for years.

“Love in the Time of Zombies” examines the lives of two men fighting to survive in a rural Midwestern town at the end of the world where they soon realize that death doesn’t always bring relief from love…and the terrible price it demands.

“The Long, Long Breakdown” tells the story of personal anguish and isolation of a father struggling to protect his teenage daughter in post-apocalyptic Miami.

“Visitation” offers a journey of profound self-discovery as a man anguished over the death of his wife takes a trip to a distant planet on the promise of experiencing a long-awaited reunion with the love of his life.

end in all beginnings

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