NEEDFUL THINGS and THE GUNSLINGER by King, only $4.49 each!

Needful Things by Stephen King is discounted to only $4.49, the lowest price we’ve seen for this classic!

A wonderful new store has opened in the little town of Castle Rock, Maine. Whatever your heart’s secret desire—sexual pleasure, wealth, power, or even more precious things—it’s for sale. And even though every item has a nerve-shattering price, the owner is always ready to make a bargain.

needful things


Visit to learn more or to order!


**And, Book One of the Dark Tower series, The Gunslinger, is also discounted to $4.49 at Amazon!

Set in a world of ominous landscape and macabre menace that is a dark mirror of our own, this spellbinding tale of good versus evil features one of Stephen King’s most powerful creations—The Gunslinger, a haunting figure who embodies the qualities of the lone hero through the ages, from ancient myth to frontier western legend.


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