MUERTE CON CARNE by Shane McKenzie on sale for $1.99!

Muerte Con Carne is the book that prompted horror legend Jack Ketchum to ask its author, “Shane, how do you sleep at night?” This special slice of in-your-face madness is available now for just $1.99!

Human flesh tacos, hardcore wrestling, and angry cannibal Mexicans…Welcome to the Border!

The no-man’s land on the United States/Mexico border is the perfect place for getting away with any crime. With the right connections and with the right amount of money you can run drugs, smuggle people, commit murder, and do much worse.

Felix and Marta came to Mexico to film a documentary on illegal immigration. When Marta suddenly goes missing, Felix must find his lost love in the small border town. A dangerous place housing corrupt cops, borderline maniacs, drug gangs and something much worse… something to do with a strange Mexican food cart…

From Shane McKenzie, one of the most imaginative new voices in horror comes a south-of-the-border Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


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