BONE MEAL BROTH by Adam Cesare available now for only $0.99!

With a series of unflinching novels like Tribesmen, Video Night and Mercy House, Adam Cesare has quickly established himself as one of horror’s brightest stars. Bone Meal Broth is a collection of Cesare’s short fiction, and this brand-new edition, including two short stories not found in the original version, is now available for a limited time for only $0.99!

The world is full of horrors both real and imagined. Bone Meal Broth adds eleven more.

Inside Bone Meal Broth you’ll meet a P.I. who works the dark streets of a post-biological-cataclysm New Orleans, a sleazy glamour photographer with a pest problem, and a misanthrope who’s just made the most important (and deadly) purchase of his life. And those are the heroes.

You’ll visit the grotesque inhabitants of America’s backwoods, watch a possessed VHS tape, fight a tribe of half-foot tall warriors, and shrink from the quiet terrors of suburbia. No matter your dark preference: a cup of Bone Meal Broth will hit the spot.


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