LIKE A DEAD MAN WALKING by William F. Nolan available for a limited time for only $0.99!

William F. Nolan has published 85 books and hundreds of scripts and short stories in more than a dozen genres. Like A Dead Man Walking collects more than 200 pages of all-new fiction and material, and it’s available now for one week only for just $0.99!

Sherlock Holmes…Interdimensional demons…Aliens…Killers and child predators…Time travelers…Vampires…Even the end of the world, in more ways than one, all are contained within these pages. From the darkest corners of imagination to the precipice of human achievement, William F. Nolan delivers the goods in this assortment of recent works: his first all-new collection in his long and storied career.

Working with editor Jason V Brock (Milton’s Children), Nolan brings to shocking life not only debauched murderers and depraved loners, but also fascinating portraits of personal reflection; the heroes of yore in poetry; pages from Nolan’s notebook; and an exclusive, intimate interview with his beloved friend, the late Richard Matheson (I Am Legend).


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