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The main contributor to this blog is Norman Prentiss, who won the 2009 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in Short Fiction for “In the Porches of My Ears,” originally published in Postscripts 18. His first book, Invisible Fences, was published in May 2010 by Cemetery Dance and was a Bram Stoker nominee in the Long Fiction category. His fiction has also appeared in Black Static, Commutability, Tales from the Gorezone, Damned Nation, Best Horror of the Year, The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror and in three editions of the Shivers anthology series. His poetry has appeared in Writer Online, Southern Poetry Review,  Baltimore’s City Paper and in A Sea of Alone: Poems for Alfred Hitchcock. His essays on gothic and sensation literature have appeared in Victorian Poetry, Colby Quarterly and The Thomas Hardy Review.  Visit him online at www.normanprentiss.com.

This site has featured books by Stephen King, William Peter Blatty, Clive Barker, Robert McCammon, Richard Matheson, Dean Koontz, Joe Hill, Michael Koryta, and many others. You can read more about our goals and plans here:

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