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This site is designed to highlight ONE high quality and bargain priced eBook per day. We do not charge authors or publishers to list their books. You cannot buy advertising space here.

Our newsletter isn’t a list of a dozen or more eBooks, all blending together until readers aren’t even paying attention anymore. If your book is featured on our site, it’s typically the only eBook in that day’s newsletter. Sometimes we do feature multiple titles when it makes sense, and occasionally we send additional bonus newsletters on a day when a New York Times bestselling author has an unexpected sale, but all decisions about how and where and when to feature books are left to our discretion.

If you’re planning to discount your eBook in the near future, please contact us as far in advance of the special as you can.

Please Note: There needs to be at least 10 detailed reviews that give us a feel for what worked and didn’t work in the book. The more reviews, the better.

Please only submit one book per author per month.

Books should be submitted to only ONE of the sites in the network, so please pick the best fit.

Novels, novellas, short stories, and short story collections are all great.

We’re emailed about many books every day and we simply can’t post about all of them, but we wish you the best in all of your writing and promotional efforts. We will only contact you if your book is selected to be featured.

Thank you for your assistance and your understanding!

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