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BLACKOUT by Tim Curran, 99 cents Today Only!

BLACKOUT, a horror/sci-fi novel by Tim Curran, is 99 cents at Amazon, Today Only!

First come the flashing lights, then the heavy rains, high winds, and finally a total blackout. But that’s only the beginning…

When the whipping black tentacles fall from the sky and begin snatching people at random, the denizens of Piccamore Way must discover the terrifying truth of what these beings have planned for the human race.


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THE SHORE by Robert Dunbar, only $1.99 for a Limited Time!

THE SHORE, normally $3.99, is currently only $1.99 at Amazon!

As a winter storm grips the coastal town of Edgeharbor, a series of horrible murders terrorizes the residents. A young policewoman and a mysterious stranger are all that stand between the tiny town and an ancient evil.

The Shore

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ONE RAINY NIGHT by Richard Laymon, only $1.99 for a Limited Time!

ONE RAINY NIGHT, an action-packed horror/thriller, is only $1.99 at Amazon for a Limited Time!

The strange black rain falls like a shroud on the small town of Bixby. It comes down in torrents, warm and unnatural. And as it falls, the town changes. One by one, the inhabitants fall prey to its horrifying effect. One by one, they become filled with hate and rage…and the need to kill.


one rainy night

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TOXIC SHADOWS by Tim Curran, only 99 cents for a Limited Time!

TOXIC SHADOWS, normally $4.99, is currently 99 cents at Amazon, for a Limited Time!

There is a shifting darkness in Cut River, a darkness populated by hideous shadows that pretend to be people. Seven strangers will arrive. If they can stay alive until dawn, they’ll survive. But to do that will mean engaging in a bloody war against things that crawl and hunt in the night. Things that wear the faces of men, women, and children. Toxic Shadows.


Toxic Shadows

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DARK FATHER by James Cooper, 99 cents for a LImited Time!

DARK FATHER, normally $4.99, is discounted to 99 cents at Amazon for a Limited Time!

What drives a violent husband and dysfunctional father to pursue his wife and son across a moonlit English landscape?

What compels a troubled man to rebuild his broken family, constructing a fractured reality of hollow promises and false hope?

What forces an old man suffering from a rare mental disorder to reconcile the terror of the past with the daily torment of being locked in a mental hospital where everyone he sees bears the face of his father?

The answers lie in a disturbing journey of suffering and harrowing self-discovery.


dark father

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ASH AND BONE by Lisa von Biela, only 99 cents for a Limited Time!

ASH AND BONE, a supernatural novella, is discounted to only 99 cents at Amazon for a Limited Time!

Eileen Maroni is running from her past, but she envisions a new life in the tough little fishing village, where no one knows who she is—including the police.

Frank Foster just buried his best friend, and is struggling to come to terms with the devastating loss and his own self-doubt.

Nothing will ever be the same for them again when their paths cross at the Harbor Motel, and they learn what lies behind the door of room #8.


LAMBS by Michael Louis Calvillo, only 99 cents for a Limited Time!

LAMBS, normally $4.99, is discounted to 99 cents at Amazon–last day of sale!

Plagued by a trio of murderous ghosts, Arthur has bigger problems than your average teenager. Young love, wild hormones, and The System haunt him, but those phantoms are nothing compared to the concern he has when watching the darkened corners and deep shadows around him. These spaces are now consumed by a spectral evil seemingly hell-bent on destroying everyone he loves.


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FEAR THE REAPER edited by Joe Mynhardt, $1.99 for a Limited Time!

FEAR THE REAPER, a horror anthology, is discounted to $1.99 at Amazon for a Limited Time!

This anthology collects twenty-one terrifying encounters with the Grim Reaper.  Authors include:  Taylor Grant, Joe McKinney, Rick Hautala, Gary Fry, Stephen Bacon, Richard Thomas, Jeremy C Shipp, Jeff Strand, Rena Mason, and Gary A. Braunbeck.

fear the reaper

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LULLABY FOR THE RAIN GIRL by Christopher Conlon, only 99 cents for a Limited Time!

Lullaby for the Rain Girl, normally $3.99, is discounted to 99 cents at Amazon for a Limited Time!

At age 36, Ben Fall is a man in torment. Overstressed, out of shape, in the middle of a bitter divorce, and carrying a secret that weighs heavily on his psyche, he’s convinced he’s a failure. He can hardly get out of bed in the morning to make his way to the high school where he teaches English. But suddenly one gray afternoon, a mousy, nondescript new girl appears in his classroom. She seems fascinated by everything he says and does–disturbingly so. Yet, though she gazes obsessively at him and hangs on his every word, she won’t even tell him her name…just that she’s “The Rain Girl.” Who is she? Where does she come from? What does she want?


Lullaby for the Rain Girl


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SKULL MOON by Tim Curran, only $1.99 for a Limited Time!

Skull Moon, a horror western by Tim Curran, is discounted to $1.99 at Amazon, for a Limited Time

Wolf Creek is under siege by a vicious, flesh-eating evil that stalks the night, leaving dismembered and devoured corpses in its wake. Enter Joseph Longtree, deputy U.S. Marshal. He knows there is a rhyme and reason behind the killings, but to discover the truth will mean penetrating local superstition, corruption, and vice, which will ultimately bring him face to face with a monstrosity out of Native American folklore.
Skull Moon