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THE GODS OF H.P. LOVECRAFT edited by Aaron J. French available now for $0.99!

The Gods of H.P. Lovecraft collects the twelve principal deities of the Lovecraftian Mythos and sets them loose within its pages. Featuring the biggest names in horror and dark fantasy, it’s available now for only $0.99!

Lovecraft’s bestiary of gods has had a major influence on the horror scene from the time these sacred names were first evoked. Cthulhu, Azathoth, Nyarlathotep, Yog-Sothoth—this pantheon of the horrific calls to mind the very worst of cosmic nightmares and the very darkest signs of human nature. The Gods of H.P. Lovecraft brings together twelve all-new Mythos tales from:

Cthulhu (Adam Nevill) – Yog-Sothoth (Martha Wells) – Azathoth (Laird Barron) – Nyarlathotep (Bentley Little) – Shub-Niggurath (David Liss) – Tsathoggua (Brett Talley) – The Mi-Go (Christopher Golden & James A. Moore) – Night-gaunts (Jonathan Maberry) – Elder Things (Joe Lansdale) – Great Race (Rachel Caine) – Yig (Douglas Wynne) – The Deep Ones (Seanan McGuire)

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V-WARS edited by Jonathan Maberry available for a limited time for only $1.99!

Conceived by New York Times–bestselling and Bram Stoker Award–winning author Jonathan Maberry, V-Wars features “frontline” reports from various “hot zones” across the globe, written by celebrated authors such as Yvonne Navarro, James A. Moore, Scott Nicholson, and many more. It’s available now for only $1.99!

The plague begins silently during a scientific expedition in Antarctica. The melting ice releases a millennia-old bacteria, which spreads, poisoning the air we breathe and triggering long-dormant genes in the “junk DNA” of the human populace. It is the gene that once created the vampire—the very biological origin of what we came to believe, throughout recorded history, was only a legend.

Now that the virus has been unleashed, people around the world are changing. The danger level is incalculable. The cure is unknown. And the diseased are among us, hiding in plain sight, waiting to hunt. From the sudden contagion of patient zero to the terrifying worldwide battle between us and “the others,” the Vampire Wars are just beginning.


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BLURRING THE LINE edited by Marty Young available now for only $0.99!

Editor Marty Young has recruited a handful of horror’s top talents, including James A. Moore, Tim Lebbon, and Lisa Morton, to present a handful of fictional stories and stranger-than-fiction articles exploring the dark corners of our world. You can check it out now for a limited time for on $0.99!

Fiction and non-fiction. Reality and make-believe. Can you draw the line between the two? Do you know where real horror starts?

Blurring the Line is a collection of 20 horror short stories by some of the best writers around, plus 10 non-fiction articles to make you think twice about the world we live in – but then again, maybe some of the stories are real, and some of the non-fiction made up…

With tales from Tim Lebbon, Lisa Morton, James A. Moore, Kaaron Warren, Tom Piccirilli, Lisa Hannett, and more, plus frightening artwork by Alex Mcvey, Blurring the Line will make you doubt what you thought you knew, and open you up to possibilities you didn’t want to consider.
But how much of it all is real?


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Official All-New ALIEN Trilogy Novels by Tim Lebbon, James A. Moore and Christopher Golden available now for only $1.99 each!

Three of horror’s biggest talents – Tim Lebbon, James A. Moore and Christopher Golden – have teamed up for this trilogy of novels telling a new story in the official ALIEN universe! You can add each of these novels to your Kindle right now for only $1.99 each!

Out of the Shadows by Tim Lebbon: Featuring the iconic Ellen Ripley in a terrifying new adventure that bridges the gap between ALIEN and ALIENS. Officially sanctioned and true to the ALIEN cannon, ALIEN: Out of the Shadows expands upon the well-loved mythos and is a must for all ALIEN fans.

Sea of Sorrows by James A. Moore: As a deputy commissioner for the ICC, Alan Decker’s job is to make sure the settlements on LV178 follow all the rules, keeping the colonists safe. But the planet known as New Galveston holds secrets, lurking deep beneath the toxic sands dubbed
the Sea of Sorrows.

The Weyland-Yutani Corporation has secrets of its own, as Decker discovers when he is forced to join a team of mercenaries sent to investigate an ancient excavation. Somewhere in that long-forgotten dig lies the thing the company wants most in the universe—a living Xenomorph. Decker doesn’t understand why they need him, until his own past comes back to haunt him. Centuries ago, his ancestor fought the Aliens, launching a bloody vendetta that was never satisfied. That was when the creatures swore revenge on the Destroyer…Ellen Ripley.

River of Pain by Christopher Golden: When Ellen Ripley finally returns to Earth, she learns that the planet LV-426—now called Acheron—has been colonized. But LV-426 is where Ripley and the crew of the Nostromo found the original Xenomorph—the killing machine known as the Alien.

Protected by the Colonial Marines, the colonists seek to terraform the storm-swept planet. Two such residents are Anne and Russell Jorden, seeking a fortune that eluded them on Earth. On Acheron, Anne gives birth to the colony’s first newborn. Rebecca Jordan, also known as Newt.

The wildcatters discover a vast, decaying spaceship. The horseshoe-shaped vessel is of particular interest to Weyland-Yutani, and may be the answer to their dreams. But what Anne and Russ find on board proves to be the stuff, not of dreams, but of nightmares.


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MIDNIGHT DUETS, 3 horror novels for only 99 cents!

MIDNIGHT DUETS, a collection of 3 horror novels by 6 acclaimed authors, is only 99 cents at Amazon–Limited Time Offer!

With over 150,000 words, MIDNIGHT DUETS is an experience like none other …

WALK THE SKY, by Robert Swartwood and David B. Silva — On the run from a bloodthirsty posse, Clay and George discover a frightened boy — and something terrifying lurking on the horizon…

BLOODSTAINED OZ, by Christopher Golden and James A. Moore — Something’s gone wrong over the rainbow. Because that isn’t rain wetting the crops — it’s blood…

A NECESSARY END, by F. Paul Wilson and Sarah Pinborough— It spreads like a plague, but it’s not a disease. Medical science is helpless against the deadly autoimmune reaction caused by the bite of the swarming African flies…



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BLIND SHADOWS by James A. Moore and Charles Rutledge, only $2!

BLIND SHADOWS, normally $4.99, is discounted to $2.00 at Amazon, for a Limited Time

When an old friend is found brutally murdered and mutilated, nothing can keep PI Wade Griffin from going home. As Halloween approaches, something evil is growing near the roots of the Georgia mountains, and the keys to the mystery seem to be a woman of almost indescribable beauty and a dead man who won’t stay dead.

Lovecraft and Arthur Machen meet Spillane and Elmore Leonard. A Southern Gothic full of guns and monsters and hard boiled action.

Blind Shadows

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