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LITTLE DEATHS by John F.D. Taff – available now for only 99 cents!

This collection of short stories by John F. D. Taff piled up the accolades when it was released in 2012, including a stint as the #1 Bestselling Horror Title on Amazon. If you missed it the first time around you can add it to your collection now for just 99 cents!

You think you’ve got bad dreams? Consider author John F.D. Taff’s nightmares. How about the one where a guy resurrects his dead girlfriend with a set of the prop neck bolts used on Boris Karloff in the 1932 classic Frankenstein? Or one where the ghost of the author’s dead dog keeps coming back to entice him into death so they can be together? Or the one where a guy loves candy…to death?

Taff has the kind of nightmares no one really wants. But it’s nightmares like these that give him plenty of ideas to explore; ideas that he’s turned into the short stories he shares in this new collection Little Deaths.

Little Deaths features 19 pieces of short horror fiction; some have appeared previously in print elsewhere, others appear for the first time here. All of them are chilling, weird looks at the human condition from a decidedly dark perspective.


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