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BATS by William W. Johnstone available now for $0.99!

Do you have room in your life for a novel about swarms of bats gone mad for the taste of human blood? Of course you do! Do you have $0.99 to spend on it? If so, today is your lucky day!

They’d flown north from Central and South America, appearing one day in the southern wetlands of the U.S. like ominous ink stains in the twilight sky. With each sunset, more appeared, first hundreds then thousands. Massing into a great black cloud of terror, the vampire bats were beating their wings in time with the panicked heartbeats in the towns below.

No one knew how to stop them as they fell onto their prey like dark, deadly shadows. But someone had to find a way. Because somewhere in the night, they had become a threat to more than wild animals and livestock. Somewhere in the night madness took hold as these vampire bats developed a taste for human blood.

And the feasting had only just begun.

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CARNIVAL by William W. Johnstone available for only $0.99!

William W. Johnstone is the USA Today and New York Times bestselling author of over 300 books. Carnival, a tale of supernatural revenge and demonic horror, is available now for for only $0.99!

The locals were ecstatic when the carnival pulled into Holland, Nebraska. They shrieked in delight on the lightning-fast rides. They gasped in shocked fascination at the chilling collection of freaks and human oddities. But all the while, piercing red eyes glared out at the townies from the shadows of the midway. Eyes that burned with vengeful hatred. Eyes that lusted for blood …

Only Mayor Margin Holland and his beautiful teenaged daughter Linda could feel the air of “wrongness” that hovered over the fairgrounds. Then the killings began—and their worst nightmares quickly came to life. Night after night a new victim was found, his insides smoldering, his face contorted in a gruesome death mask of hideous agony. Soon, for Martin,
for Linda, for the entire plagued community, there was nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Nebo’s Carnival of Dread had come to town. And the horror show was just beginning! carnival-by-william-johnstone-1616509872

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