THE LIGHT IS THE DARKNESS by Laird Barron, $1.99 at Amazon, today only!

The Light is the Darkness by Laird Barron, normally $4.99, is discounted to $1.99 at Amazon, today only!

Conrad is on the hunt, searching for his missing sister while malign forces seek to manipulate and destroy him by turns. It is an odyssey that will send this man of war from the lush jungles of South America, to the debauched court of an Aegean Prince, to the blasted moonscape of the American desert as he becomes inexorably enmeshed within a web of primordial evil that stretches back unto prehistory. All the while struggling to maintain a vestige of humanity; for Conrad has gazed into an abyss where the light is the darkness, and he has begun the metamorphosis into something more than human.



Discounted Today Only!  

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