JOYRIDE by Jack Ketchum, only $1.99 — & other HALLOWEEN DEALS!

Today is the last day for a lot of Halloween deals, including Joyride by Jack Ketchum, only $1.99 at Amazon!

Carole and her lover thought they had committed the perfect crime, murdering Carole’s abusive husband and making it look like an accident. Unfortunately there was a witness, someone far more twisted than they are, with plans for a killing spree of his own.

“Don’t open this book unless you intend to finish it in the same night.”–Stephen King


ALSO ON SALE:  Neverland by Douglas Clegg, normally $6.99, discounted to 99 cents at Amazon!


BONUS DEALS:  Last Day for these great Halloween Discounts!

Hater by David Moody, only $2.99

Little Girls by Ronald Malfi, only $2.51

Horror Show by Greg Kihn

Wetbones by John Shirley

Are You Loathsome Tonight? by Poppy Z. Brite, only $1.99

The Fallen by Dale Bailey, only $1.99

Slob by Rex Miller, only $1.99

Sunglasses After Dark by Nancy Collins, only $1.99

The Bridge by Skipp & Spector, only $1.99

Darkness Demands by Simon Clark, only $1.99

Stranger by Simon Clark, only $1.99

Cover by Jack Ketchum, only $1.99

Old Flames by Jack Ketchum, only $1.99

She Wakes by Jack Ketchum, only $1.99

The Midnight Room by Ed Gorman, only $1.99

Come Out Tonight by Richard Laymon, only $1.99

Blood Games by Richard Laymon, only $1.99

Sacrifice by John Evenson, only $1.99

Sunshine by Robin Mckinley, only $1.99

The Resurrectionist: The Lost Work of Dr. Spencer Black, only $3.99




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