THE HOWLING TRILOGY by Gary Brandner – THREE novels for only 99 cents!

This special bundles collects three HOWLING novels by Gary Brandner for one low price! These are the basis for the classic Joe Dante movie (and its admittedly less-than-classic sequels). Get them all from Amazon at this special low price!

THE HOWLING: Karyn and her husband Roy had come to the peaceful California village of Drago to escape the savagery of the city. On the surface Drago appeared to be like most small rural towns. But it was not. The village had a most unsavory history. Unexplained disappearances, sudden deaths. People just vanished, never to be found.

THE HOWLING II: For Karyn it was the howling. The howling that had heralded the nightmare in Drago… the nightmare that had joined her husband Roy to the she-wolf Marcia and should have ended forever with the fire. But it hadn’t. Roy and Marcia were still alive, and deadly… and thirsty for the most horrifying vengeance imaginable.

THE HOWLING III: They are man. And they are beast. Once again they stalk the night, eyes aflame, teeth flashing in vengeance. Malcolm is the young one. He must choose between the familiar way of the human and the seductive howling of the wolf. Those who share his blood want to make him one of them. Those who fear him want him dead. Only one woman and one man want to help him. Even though they can’t believe their ears. Or their eyes.


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