CHRONIC FEAR by Scott Nicholson on sale for a limited time for only $1.99!

Scott Nicholson continues his “Fear” series with Chronic Fear, the chilling follow-up to Liquid Fear. This harrowing tale is available now for only $1.99!

Chronic Fear picks up one year after the notorious Monkey House trials, from which the tiny handful of survivors have scattered in the wind. While the unwitting human guinea pigs are still alive, the experimental drugs to which
they were subjected continue to wreak havoc on their emotional stability.

World-renowned neurobiologist Dr. Alexis Morgan knows first-hand the horrors of the sadistic experiment: her husband, Mark, was one its victims. As a result, he is plagued by unpredictable bouts of rage and paranoia. Dr. Morgan’s research into the drug leads her to suspect presidential candidate and U. S. Senator Daniel Burchfield of plotting to gain control of the drug for his own purposes, a power play that is sure to result in countless casualties unless she and three Monkey House survivors can outwit the shadowy figures behind the conspiracy—if they don’t lose their own sanity first.


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