THE NIGHTWALKER by Thomas Tessier available now for $0.99!

The Nightwalker is a gripping horror thriller, perfect for fans of Stephen King and Mark Edwards. This edition includes a bonus short story from Thomas Tessier, “The Dreams of Dr. Ladybank.” It’s on sale now for just $0.99!

Bobby Ives never considered himself a violent man. That was until he attacked a man in his apartment building for nearly starting a fire.

When a trip to Harrods’ results in Bobby blacking out, he and his girlfriend come to the conclusion he must be getting migraines. But when he starts shaking uncontrollably and watches himself murder his lover, he worries there may be more to the headaches than he previously thought.

Night after night, he stalks the streets, looking for his prey – all the while trying to control the need that flows through him. But how long can he suppress his terrible urges, and is there anyone who can stop the beast that terrorises the city?


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