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THROUGH A MIRROR, DARKLY by Kevin Lucia available for only $0.99!

What if a book delves into the lives of the very town you live in? Reveals to you some personal stories of people you know? Or thought you knew…Bookstore owner Kevin Ellison faces this truth when a mysterious book shows up in Through a Mirror, Darkly by Kevin Lucia. There’s less than a day left for you to get this book for just $0.99!

Through a Mirror, Darkly is a Supernatural Thriller collection masked as a novel. With elements of mystery, suspense, and otherworldly horror, Through a Mirror, Darkly successfully delves into the worlds of Lovecraft, Grant, and the mysterious Carcosa.

Arcane Delights. Clifton Heights’ premier rare and used bookstore. In it, new owner Kevin Ellison has inherited far more than a family legacy, for inside are tales that will amaze, astound, thrill…and terrify.

An ancient evil thirsty for lost souls. A very different kind of taxi service with destinations not on any known map. Three coins that grant the bearer’s fondest wish, and a father whose crippling grief gives birth to something dark and hungry.

Every town harbors secrets. Kevin Ellison is about to discover those that lurk in the shadows of Clifton Heights.


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THE HOUR BEFORE DARK by Douglas Clegg – only 99 cents for a Limited Time!

Douglas Clegg’s The Hour Before Dark has been called “suspenseful and relentlessly spooky.” (Publishers Weekly) You can get one of the best from a modern master of horror for only 99 cents for a limited time!

Never play the Dark Game…It will take you over…it will come alive… From New York Times bestselling author Douglas Clegg comes a riveting supernatural thriller of dangerous secrets within a haunted family. After the brutal murder of a loved one, Nemo Raglan must return to the New England island he thought he’d escaped for good . . . and the shadowy home called Hawthorn.


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LULLABY FOR THE RAIN GIRL by Christopher Conlon, only 99 cents for a Limited Time!

Lullaby for the Rain Girl, normally $3.99, is discounted to 99 cents at Amazon for a Limited Time!

At age 36, Ben Fall is a man in torment. Overstressed, out of shape, in the middle of a bitter divorce, and carrying a secret that weighs heavily on his psyche, he’s convinced he’s a failure. He can hardly get out of bed in the morning to make his way to the high school where he teaches English. But suddenly one gray afternoon, a mousy, nondescript new girl appears in his classroom. She seems fascinated by everything he says and does–disturbingly so. Yet, though she gazes obsessively at him and hangs on his every word, she won’t even tell him her name…just that she’s “The Rain Girl.” Who is she? Where does she come from? What does she want?


Lullaby for the Rain Girl


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CARRION COMFORT by Dan Simmons, only $2.99 for a Limited Time

CARRION COMFORT, the epic horror classic by Dan Simmons, is discounted to $2.99 at Amazon, for a Limited Time!

“One of the three greatest horror novels of the 20th century. Simple as that.” –Stephen King

Saul Laski is one of the multitudes destined to die in the notorious Chelmno extermination camp. Until he rises to meet his fate and finds himself face to face with an evil far older, and far greater, than the Nazi’s themselves:  a secret society of beings who exist behind the world’s most horrible and violent events. Killing from a distance, and by darkly manipulative proxy, they are people with the psychic ability to ‘use’ humans: read their minds, subjugate them to their wills, experience through their senses, feed off their emotions, force them to acts of unspeakable aggression…

carrion comfort

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PSYCHOS edited by John Skipp, only $2.99 for a Limited Time!

PSYCHOS: Serial Killers, Depraved Madmen, and the Criminally Insane, edited by John Skipp, is discounted to only $2.99 at Amazon, for a Limited Time!

This collection of thirty-eight terrifying tales of serial killers at large, written by the great masters of the genre, plumbs the horrifying depths of a deranged mind and the forces of evil that compel a human being to murder, gruesomely and methodically, over and over again. Includes classics by renowned writers such as Neil Gaiman, Amelia Beamer, Robert Bloch, Ray Bradbury, and Thomas Harris, along with selections from the latest and most promising crop of new authors.




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BLACKWATER LIGHTS by Michael M. Hughes, only 99 cents for a Limited Time!

Blackwater Lights, an occult thriller, is discounted to only 99 cents at Amazon, for a Limited Time!

When Ray Simon investigates a summer camp in the small town of Blackwater, West Virginia, a midnight encounter with strange floating lights sparks a return of old memories—vivid but fractured images that haunt his waking hours with intimations of terror and cruelty. Something dreadful happened at that camp long ago. Something was awakened there…

blackwater lights


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A HEAD FULL OF GHOSTS by Paul Tremblay, only $1.99 for a Limited Time!

A HEAD FULL OF GHOSTS is discounted to only $1.99 at Amazon, for a Limited Time!

The lives of the Barretts, a normal suburban New England family, are torn apart when fourteen-year-old Marjorie begins to display signs of acute schizophrenia. They reluctantly turn to a local Catholic priest for help, and the family agrees to be filmed, and soon find themselves the unwitting stars of The Possession, a hit reality television show.

Fifteen years later, Marjorie’s younger sister, Merry, recalls long-buried secrets that clash with what was broadcast on television—and a mind-bending tale of psychological horror is unleashed…


head full of ghosts


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NECROSCOPE by Brian Lumley, only $2.99 for a Limited Time!

Necroscope, the classic vampire thriller by Brian Lumley, is $2.99 (normally $9.99) at Amazon!

Harry Keogh is the man who can talk to the dead, the man for whom every grave willingly gives up its secrets, the one man who knows how to travel effortlessly through time and space to destroy the vampires that threaten all humanity.  Harry is the only person who knows about Thibor Ferenczy, a vampire long buried in the mountains of Romania–still horribly alive, in undeath–and Thibor’s insane “offspring,” Boris Dragosani, who rips information from the souls of the dead in a terrible, ever-lasting form of torture.



THE EXORCIST by William Peter Blatty, only $1.99 for a Limited Time!

THE EXORCIST is currently discounted to only $1.99 at Amazon!

Inspired by a true story of a child’s demonic possession in the 1940s, William Peter Blatty created an iconic novel that focuses on Regan, the eleven-year-old daughter of a movie actress residing in Washington, D.C.  A small group of overwhelmed yet determined individuals must rescue Regan from her unspeakable fate, and the drama that ensues is gripping and unfailingly terrifying.


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THE INFLUENCE by Bentley Little, only $1.99 for a Limited Time!

THE INFLUENCE is discounted to only $1.99 at Amazon, for a Limited Time!

When Ross Lowry moves into his cousin’s guest house in the small community of Magdalena, Arizona, he expects nothing more than breathing room and a brief respite from his economic woes. But after a raucous party on New Year’s Eve, the luck of the attendees undergoes an immediate U-turn. The rich and successful suddenly find themselves facing catastrophic failure, while the less well-off are unexpectedly flush with good fortune.

This is only the beginning…



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