THE STRESS OF HER REGARD by Tim Powers, $1.99 Today Only!

The Stress of Her Regard, a vampire novel set in Romantic-era England, is discounted to $1.99 at Amazon, Today Only!

When Michael Crawford discovers his bride brutally murdered in their wedding bed, he is forced to flee not only to prove his innocence, but to avoid the deadly embrace of a vampire who has claimed him as her true bridegroom. Joining forces with Byron, Keats, and Shelley in a desperate journey that crisscrosses Europe, Crawford desperately seeks his freedom from this vengeful lover who haunts his dreams and will not rest until she destroys all that he cherishes.

“Strewn with literary personages and allusions, the book is entertaining on several levels, but most particularly as a chilling horror-adventure. ” —Publishers Weekly

stress of her regard

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NEVERLAND by Douglas Clegg, only 99 cents for a Limited Time!

Neverland, normally $6.99, is discounted to 99 cents at Amazon for a Limited Time!

For years, the Jackson family vacationed at their matriarch’s old Victorian house on Gull Island, a place of superstition and legend off the southern coast of the U.S. One particular summer, young Beau follows his cousin Sumter into a shack hidden among the brambles and windswept trees near bluffs overlooking the sea.

And within Neverland, the mysteries and terror grow…


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THE NIGHT ETERNAL (The Strain), discounted to $1.99 Today Only!

THE NIGHT ETERNAL, the conclusion to Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s Strain Trilogy, is discounted to $1.99 at Amazon, Today Only!

The last remnants of humankind are enslaved by the vampire masters in a world forever shrouded by nuclear winter.  Still, a small band of the living fights on in the shadows…

“The Strain Trilogy comes to a rip-roaring conclusion in The Night Eternal…The devil’s in the details, and this is one devilishly good read full of satisfying scares.” —Stephen King

Night Eternal

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BONE GAP by Laura Ruby, discounted to $1.99 at Amazon, Today Only!

BONE GAP is a Deal of The Day at Amazon, only $1.99!

The story of Roza, a beautiful girl who is taken from a quiet midwestern town and imprisoned by a mysterious man, and Finn, the only witness, who cannot forgive himself for being unable to identify her kidnapper.

”It is a rare book that sits comfortably on the shelf with the works of Twain, McCullers, Conroy, Stephen King, and D’Aulaires’ Greek Myths — rarer still that a novel combines elements of these authors together. Bone Gap does just this, to superb effect” —School Library Journal

bone gap

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FINCH by Jeff Vandermeer, discounted to $1.99 at Amazon, Today Only!

FINCH, a weird-detective novel by Jeff Vandermeer, is $1.99 at Amazon, Today Only!

“VanderMeer skillfully pairs horror motifs with dreamlike imagery” —Wall Street Journal 

Mysterious underground inhabitants known as the gray caps are controlling humans with strange addictive drugs, internment in camps, and random acts of terror. Against this backdrop, John Finch must solve an impossible double murder for his gray cap masters while trying to make contact with the rebels. Nothing is as it seems as Finch and his disintegrating partner Wyte negotiate their way through a landscape of spies, rebels, and deception.


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LEVIATHAN by Tim Curran, only 99 cents for a Limited Time!

Leviathan, a giant-monster novella by Tim Curran, is only 99 cents at Amazon for a Limited Time

There’s something wrong on Seagull Island. When the atmospheric conditions are right, a doorway opens to a primeval world of monsters. Johnny Horowitz, a much despised member of the paparazzi, has gotten a glimpse of something from prehistory and he isn’t going to stop until he gets a photo of it. With Hurricane Amelia bearing down on the island, the doorway to the prehistoric sea is about to be thrown wide and Johnny plans on being there when it opens with camera in hand, regardless of the consequences.



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EPIDEMIC OF THE UNDEAD by P. A. Douglas, only 99 cents for a Limited Time!

Epidemic of the Undead: A Zombie Novel, normally $2.99, is discounted to only 99 cents at Amazon, for a Limited Time!

When the dead suddenly decide to not stay dead, this unexplained epidemic turns the world upside down overnight causing everything to
come to a grinding halt. For Chris Commons and his folk band of friends, the tour is definitely canceled.  Several States away from his family, Chris struggles to keep his sanity while hoping to make his way back home.

epidemic of the undead

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RAVAGED WORLD SAGA (5 books!) by Iain Rob Wright, only 99 cents!

RAVAGED WORLD SAGA, a bundle of 5 books (Ravage, Savage, Seasick, 2389, The Peeling Omnibus), is discounted to only 99 cents at Amazon, for a Limited Time!

“Iain Rob Wright scares the hell out of me.” – J.A.Konrath, author of Origin and Afraid.

A virus the likes of which mankind has never seen has gotten loose and found its way aboard a luxury cruise liner. Follow the deadly Apocalypse Virus as it seeks to extinguish humanity – one grizzly death at a time.

ravaged world

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THE LIVING DEAD edited by John Joseph Adams, only $1.99 for a Limited Time!

The Living Dead, a hefty anthology of zombie fiction, is only $1.99 at Amazon for a Limited Time!

Gathering together the best zombie literature of the last three decades from many of today’s most renowned authors of fantasy, speculative fiction, and horror, including Stephen King, Harlan Ellison, Clive Barker, Poppy Z. Brite, Neil Gaiman, Joe Hill, and Joe R. Lansdale, this anthology covers the broad spectrum of zombie fiction.

living dead

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LOVECRAFT e-Zine MEGAPACK, only 99 cents for a Limited Time!

The Lovecraft e-Zine Megapack, features issues 1-9 of the fiction-filled magazine, is currently only 99 cents at Amazon!

Over 40 stories, more than 600 pages, featuring tales of Lovecraftian horror and the Cthulhu Mythos.  Authors include W. H. Pugmire, William Meikle and Simon Kurt Unsworth.

lovecraft ezine megapack

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